Saturday, February 03, 2007

New forms and information posted

There are several additions to the Learning Record web site: On the downloads page we have posted all official Learning Record forms for grades K-6, 6-12, and college courses. We have also posted the files for grade level expectations for K-12 students. These chart where on the developmental scales we expect students to fall at each grade level.

The grades K-6 and 6-12 Learning Record files are provided in multiple formats. The .doc and .rtf files are intended for those using computers to complete the forms. They include copies of the scales and scale descriptors. There are also print versions of the K-6 and 6-12 Learning Record forms for those completing them by hand.

We suggest that beginning about grade 4, students begin contributing to the Learning Record, gradually taking over more and more of the responsibility for their own record. By high school the student should be expected to take full responsibility for the Learning Record, with teachers responding as needed. Where teachers in middle school or junior high schools have multiple classes we recommend they use the secondary (6-12) version of the Learning Record.

Some high school classes may lend themselves to the college-level Learning Record, so high school teachers may want to familiarize themselves with it. Be sure to read the teacher's manual, which describes how to transfer Learning Record files and teacher comments between the student and the teacher.

Moderation instructions may be useful for teachers at any level. The basic principles described can be adapted for particular situations. The moderation process provides a "reality check" for the evaluations provided by teachers and students.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Peg Syverson


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